Alchemy Films & Media is part of the Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation, a non profit organization created by Dr. Raam Pandeya to create positive change on the planet through the practice, teaching and research of alchemical arts and sciences, with a special emphasis on the healing and artistic traditions of India.

For more information about the Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation's programs and services go to www.kaya-kalpa.org

Over the last three decades Alchemy Films has extensively documented the tradition and practices of Indian medicine and mysticism, and produced an award-winning documentary, Investigating Immortality. In addition we have a treasure trove of rare footage on film and video that we are developing as new documentary films and also as a digital archive.


Dr. Raam Pandeya is a journalist, filmmaker and alchemist. Former president of the Indian Photo Feature and Films Organization, he was a political correspondent covering the assembly of Uttar Pradesh India, and special correspondent to the Hindi newspapers, Bharat and Nava Bharat. Dr. Pandeya also served as the editor and publisher of the weekly magazine Employees Voice, as well as the Hindi journal Samvadic. During this period he became close to the late prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

Later a University of California Visiting Scholar in Journalism specializing in broadcast and film, he assisted in the production of documentaries for the journalism Department at UC Berkeley. He also served as an analyst of social, economic and political issues in South Asia for the Pacifica Foundation and its network of broadcast outlets.

Dr Pandeya has lived in the United States since 1979. As president of the Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation he is active in promoting cultural and scientific enterprises of relevance to our times.


Sophia Pandeya is the writer and narrator of the documentary Kayakalpa: Investigating Immortality. She is working on several projects for Alchemy films, including The Return Of The Goddess, Churning Of The Ocean as well as Melissae: Priestesses Of The Sacred Bee.

Much of Sophia’s work and life has been about transcending cultural and religious divides through spiritual awareness. Born in Karachi, Pakistan to parents of ethnically Indian descent, she left Pakistan in 1986 in pursuit of greater artistic and spiritual freedom. After spending a few years in Thailand, she migrated to the US in 1988 eventually receiving political asylum. In 1990 she met Dr. Raam Pandeya and began learning and eventually practicing Kayakalpa. Sophia lived in New York for a decade, healing, writing, painting and occasionally performing in plays. She received critical acclaim for her portrayal of a lonely immigrant housewife’s descent into madness in Bina Sharif’s play The Watchman (Theater For The New City 1989).

Since moving to California with Dr. Raam in 1998 her writing has been published in print anthologies and online magazines such as Monsoon. She is currently working on a unique epic novel called Dreamtongue that spans several millennia from the prehistoric Goddess worshipping cultures of Mohenjodaro and Harappa to modern times and weaves together the genres of poetry and prose.

A major focus of Sophia Pandeya’s work is exploring and honoring the syncretic traditions of the Sacred Feminine, in particular those of South Asian and Indo-European origin. She believes that the devaluation of the Feminine Principle is the cause of our present planetary crisis and the only way out of this crisis is to restore the Sacred Feminine to its rightful place in our lives.

Sophia Pandeya’s work can also be found online at the following locations:



Barbara Framm (Urania Enigmitza) is a dancer and performing artist who has spent the last thirty years embracing the classical dance arts of India. She has performed at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, the annual Himalayan Fair, Kathmandu Festival, Open Secret Bookstore, and the Pt. Reyes Dance Palace. The recipient of a Performing Arts Fellowship from American Institute of Indian Studies, she has a B.A. in South Asian Studies from U.C. Berkeley. Currently she is a Graduate student in the Women's Spirituality program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (I.T.P.) in Palo Alto, California. Recently she has been stung by a love for the honeybees; with Karina Guggenheim and Jana Mariposa she produced "An Evening in Honor of the Sacred Honeybee", a program of participatory ritual, dance, music, poetry, and lecture devoted to informing about and protecting the honeybees.